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Wow, wow, wow! Am at Tokyo and it's less than 24 hours since I watched the GazettE's live at Tokyo Dome. It's the best Boxing Day I've ever spent!

Once again, I really want to thank rawkstarr23 for getting tickets for me (I had a blast!) and I saw many interesting sights, even a girl who went alone was flailing her head without much help. Oh, and I saw someone in a Pikachu suit. Only in Japan!

There was plenty of fan service going on, and it dawned on me as I wrote the live report last night that I was merely metres away from Uruha, Ruki, Reita, Aoi and Kai, some of my favourite Japanese boys. They looked absolutely wonderful and once the live DVD will be up for pre-order, I'll be the first in line to get it and scream like a fan girl again like I did on the day. Hopefully the bling on my hands made it onto the screen since it's so ridiculously shiny!

The live report is now available on JRR. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

LUNA SEA Live Report on JRR

It really has been absolutely crazy busy with all that packing to be done in order to cart back home after my studies (and adventures) overseas on the the island of Singapore. Ah...

But, right now, the one thing I'm extremely proud to announce: I went to the LUNA SEA live in Hong Kong on December 11th! It was an absolute blast as I twittered everything I saw and heard (which I felt of great significance) onto my swanky iTouch 4. Am really glad to have attained some followers who followed the gig all the way until the end.

Additionally, another something worth mentioning is my live report. I offered to write one for JRR as part of my contribution due to my love for the group. So, imagine my state of ecstatic-ness when it's up on the site!

Live report found here.

I'll be headed for Tokyo this Friday to catch the GazettE's live on Sunday. I will be doing a live report for the Tokyo Dome show, as well as do some twittering (maybe some on JRR's official twitter when over there, but I'll definitely be tweeting out of my personal username). So, if you're interested, follow me @taintedmantis and @jrockrevolution for updates!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

PLEDGE PV is out!

It's out! FINALLY! So, take this chance to watch it!

Now to wait for the official release so that I can watch it on HD at home! As I always say, buy the artists' stuff if you want to support them.

This video is making me wish Christmas will come sooner. =)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

SUGIZO's interview with JRR

Luna Sea hype is about to dawn upon us. Now how about reading some opinions from one of them, SUGIZO?

I'm so glad I can watch them in Hong Kong later this year! The political dispute between Japan and China is making certain things unnerving. *sigh*

Other than that? I've been punching eyelets. They're kind of like these annoying spiders that won't go away, but you have to deal with them else you might get bitten by one. And your outfit could be ruined if you're not careful enough. Bah.

If you're not already on Twitter, SUGIZO's already ahead of you! He has also set up his Official Facebook Page. It's really exciting to see all these JRockers on Twitter, which include the likes of Miyavi, Aoi and Ruki of the GazettE. Squee!

And of course, I'm now officially on Twitter too! I made it a while ago, but as opening up a web page on my lappy just to read tweets isn't really my style, I haven't used it much...that's until I got myself a swanky new iTouch 4! So yes, if you're interested in following, my Twitter is TaintedMantis. I've also linked this blog to Twitter, so updates will come to you straight away!

Welcome to my daily randomness!

It's been a long, long, long time. Sorry folks! Been busy crazy with the retake - makes me want to cry just thinking about it...

Anyway, an overdue update! If you haven't joined the Heresy fan club for a PSC band, good news! PS Company has announced that they've launched a global PSC fan club! And the best thing about it is that it doesn't matter how many bands PSC has, because the registration fee is the same! Might think about finally joining as an official fan - but need to save my money for now.

Details here!

And speaking of the GazettE, ever since I've got a swanky new iTouch 4, I've been following Aoi and Ruki's Twitter (along with a couple of other artists. So yes, they've announced that the preview for PLEDGE is now available for listening to on the OHP. I'm excited!

So far, no PV yet, but from the sounds of the latest single, it's set to be an amazing ballad. The sounds remind me of the chorus Without a Trace (even though I'm somewhat hoping for another Distress and Coma), so maybe we'll be getting something similar? I don't like the cover artwork as much, but their new look it's beautiful.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

the GazettE's PLEDGE available for pre-order!

The official release date is out! December 15th! Instead of simply releasing the single in the form of Auditory Impression (CD only with 2 B-sides) and Optical Impression (CD with 1 B-side and the DVD video), they're releasing Type A Limited Edition (which has DVD), Type B Limited Edition (also has a DVD) and the regular edition (no DVD). The art work and contents haven't been released yet, but I'm totally excited that it will be a "winter ballad".

Get your copy soon! Wow, and just a week and a half before the Tokyo Dome live too! I'll definitely be able to watch this song live!

musicJAPAN+ is doing a package for foreigners who are planning to go to the GazettE's 1st Tokyo Dome live! While I probably wouldn't do the package (since I'll be making other plans there), it's definitely recommended if it's your first time in Japan or if you don't have a travel/concert partner to go to the live with.

More details here!